The following are some wonderful family photos of the men who served for Canada in WWI and WW2. Clicking on each image below shows the larger view.   With your help, I would love to post additional photos (see contact below).



Bill Toles 1944 Arthur Howard Parr Chuck Gardner 1941 Floyd Wesley Parr  WWI John Edward Gardner  WWII
Robert Harold Parr  WWI Joe Morton  WWI
in Nice, France
Roddy Parr  WWII Roy Sylvester Parr  WWI Sherman Parr WW1

Ernest Tunks on Bothwell, Ontario Cenotaph

Wilmer Elmer Tunks, Clifford Tunks and Clarence B Tunks

In Flanders Fields

The Legion

The Poppy Coin

Remembrance Day

All About the Poppy

above clipping from
"The Family Circus"  Winnipeg Free Press
April 17, 1993 Bill Keane

If you have a photograph(s) of the descendants of Robert and Hannah Parr, I'd be delighted to hear from you!

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