Your Basic Family Story

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_____________________ (your full name) son/daughter of __________________________ (father) and ______________________________________ (mother, please include her maiden name) you were born on ________________ (date) at ___________________ (city)


 ____________________ (your spouseís full name) daughter/son of ___________________ (father) and ______________________________ (mother, please include her maiden name) your spouse was born on ___________________ (date) at ____________________ (city)


How did you meet your spouse? ____________________________________________________________________


(this is my favourite question to ask - the stories that come from this question have proven to be entertaining!)


You married on _____________ (date) in the __________________________ Church at ___________________ (city)


You have ___ (#) children:


_______________________ (full name) born on _________________ (date) at ______________________ (city)


_______________________ (full name) born on ________________ (date) at ______________________ (city)


_______________________ (full name) born on ________________ (date) at ______________________ (city)


________ (you) is employed as _____________________ (job title) & your hobbies include _______________________________________________________________________________________


________ (spouse) is employed as _____________________ (job title) & your spouseís hobbies

include __________________________________________________________________________________


You live at ______________________ (city)                             Date: ________________________________


Your email address: _______________________________________________________



Feel free to add volunteer work, businesses, awards, newspaper articles you were in and other triumphs on the back.  Please include a family photo,

my email address:

 Iím also looking for photos of Nurses, Military, Police and Firefighters for their own sections.  The family book is to be a celebration of our family through stories and photos.  Any help to ensure its success will be welcomed as a benefit for all of our cousins! 

Thank you.


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I thank you for your interest in the family of Robert and Hannah Parr.

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