Like all families, the family of Robert and Hannah Parr has become fragmented with each new generation losing contact of their second, third and fourth cousins.

It’s my desire to connect the generations of our family, by collecting the genealogical data, stories and family photos.
All family photos will be welcomed, whether sent via e-mail or the mail system. Not all photos will be placed on the web site, some because the relatives are still alive, some because of preference to other photos, or some because of your request.

I've published the family history of the descendants of the children of Robert and Hannah Parr. Family photos  help immensely with the readability of family history books, comparing similar facial features and hair lines, or simply to add variability to the genealogy and stories (it's all about the dash).

  1. My first choice to use as a photo is one with mom, dad and all the kids - when all the kids were kids. Something like the family of George Sylvester Parr (see #1 above) will be wonderful!!
  2. My second choice is the wedding photo, with just the bride and groom. The wedding photo of William George Parr and Edith Dawkins (see #2 above) is an example.
  3. My third choice is simply a quality photo of the family, regardless of the ages.
  4. If you are sending a photo by email, please scan the photo at a high dpi - 300 dpi if possible - it helps to have a strong resolution to work with (cleaning up and printing).

The success with this project has directly been from the sharing of our many cousins. If you wish to share, some of your family stories, my email address is

I thank you for your interest in the family of Robert and Hannah Parr.

This web site is for your personal reading enjoyment only. No commercial intent or use is permitted.


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