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Below is a listing of my current "brick walls" with the family research. If you have further information on any family (families) listed, I'd be more than delighted to hear from you. See the bottom of this page for ways to contact me. I thank you for your assistance with this research.

Beveridge, Robert     Mary Ellen Parr born 1836 Ontario, Canada, married Robert 22 March 1854 in Ontario. Mary Ellen died 1868 and Robert remarried to Annie Gordon on 10 December 1871; but what happened to Robert and Annie afterwards?
Gonyou, Laura Laura married Walter McCann in 1937 at Detroit, Michigan, but what happened to them from there?
Grover, Elizabeth Married Ernest Halm in 1897 and nothing further has been found.
Harris, John Mae Parr who married John Harris in 1894 at Sarnia, Ontario.  What happened to their 5 children, Earl, Anthony, William, Myrtle Marie, Hazel, and Della.
Mitchell, James Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Tunks and Thirsa Hewitt, was born in 1878 and married James Mitchell. They had 10 children; Aaron, Olive, Mary Ellen, Robert, Dorothy, Elizabeth, James, and Catherine. There were twins born John and ? Looking for what happened to children Olive, Mary Ellen, Robert Henry?
Morningstar, Leslie Leslie, son of Michael Morningstar and Mary Ann Zimmerman, born 1868 in Ontario. Married Ida Mary Parr. They had 6 children, Ross,  Maude, Della, Herman, Herbert Tony, Frederick; what happened to Fred?
Parr, Effie B She was born about 1864 and was found in the 1880 US Census in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - but what happened after that?
Parr, Gladys Gladys married Sidney Sayers in 1883 in Lambton County, Ontario; but what happened to them afterwards?  Any children?
Parr, Harriett Harriett married Jerome Toles and had 9 children Hannah, William (m Eliza Parr), Mary, Ellen, Jerome, Lucy, George, Frederick, Nancy. Jerome, it's said, died at Carsonville, MI. He was born 7 August 1832 (?). Harriett, it's said, died at Oklahoma. Looking for information on Harriett's nine children; Hannah Jane, William Arthur, Mary Ellen, Jerome, Frannie, Lucy, George, Frederick, and Duncan and their descendants.
Parr, Helen    Helen Parr, daughter of Frederick Parr and Lenna Taylor, married Carrell Sherman. Since Helen's family seems to have found their way around New Baltimore, Michigan, I'm assuming (yiks!) that she was there as well. Looking for information on this family and descendants.
Parr, Jane See Thomas Drennan.
Parr, Mary Ellen Mary Ellen was born in 1836 and married Robert Beveridge in 1854. She died at the age of 32 and was buried at Wardsville. Ontario - but what happened to Robert?
Parr, Thelma   Thelma, daughter of Frederick Parr and Lenna Taylor, married Carroll Read - parents unknown. I'm looking for information on this couple and any descendants.
Plain, Phoebe Daughter of Mary Ellen Toles and William James Plain.  Said to have married Perry Chilcott around 1900 and livied in Oklahoma.
Read, Carroll  See Thelma Parr.
Sherman, Carrell  See Helen Parr.
Toles, George Son of Harriett Parr and Jerome Toles, born in 1867, found in 1881 census and nothing from him since.
Tunks, Catherine  See David Little.
Tunks, Elizabeth  See James Mitchell.
Turrill,  David Elroy Son of Adeline Parr and Herbert Turrill.  Roy married Ruth Madaline Piper in 1917; did they have any children?


unknown 1

unknown 2 unknown 3 photographer, Frank Cooper of London, Ontario unknown 4 photographer, Frank Cooper of London, Ontario unknown 5 photographer, Frank Cooper of London, Ontario unknown 6 photographer was Evans & Hastings, London, Ontario
unknown 7 photographer from Deloraine, MB unknown 8 unknown 9 unknown 10
Jack Herd, picture taken at Warner Studios
unknown 11 unknown 12

unknown 13

unknown 9 Falconers c.1949: Agnes, Ellen, Mary,  Martha, Jim, Johnie, Sam, George, Charles unknown 14
Craig, Chesley - note her right hand
unknown 15
George Ball
unknown 16
William Henry Pope Goodall Photo Winnipeg
unknown 17 Photographer Spray Thomas SSM Canada

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