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I was born and raised in Ontario, graduated from college in Business Administration and have held various bookkeeping positions since.
For over 30 years now, I have enjoyed playing the position of a hockey goaltender.  I'm now playing in the "Over 50" league (this photo is old;  after all, this is a history site!). 

During the 1980's I was involved with various volunteer organizations.  I was involved with 2 churches as their treasurer (one for 7 years, the other for 1), Telecare for 4 years as a phone counselor and statistician, Auditorium fund raiser for 2 years, Branch Chair for an Archival Chapter for a year and newsletter editor for that same chapter.

Three years were spent with Toastmasters holding the positions of Secretary and President (Chair). While with the club, I achieved the CTM (Competent Toastmaster) designation.

For 7 years, I was involved with the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS). First at the Branch level as Chair, Secretary and Newsletter Editor. I was then elected to Regional Director and one term as Vice-President Finance of OGS.

The 1990's proved to be entertaining. Like jumping out of a perfectly safe airplane not once, but 11 times! That was easy, so I went bungee jumping three times.. Then roller coaster rides were fun. The ride "Top Gun" at Canada’s Wonderland is a good ride, "The Bat" however, is exciting for about one second.  There are newer rides that I haven't tried out though.

The twin dragons (one ride called "Fire", the other called "Ice") at Universal Studios Florida are even better. The inverted loop on the "Fire" was wild! That ride is on the "must do again" list.

In the last 10 years, I was on the Township's Community Action Committee for a few years then moved to the local Heritage Committee.  Now I'm just playing hockey.

Now to change gears to the saner aspects of life; Judy entered my life in the fall of 1994 and we have our cats; the kittens are very entertaining!






The year 2009 was almost completely dedicated to finishing and publishing Our Family Story.  I only took 2 weekends off to attend family weddings and one Saturday to attend a seminar in the entire year.  My job was reduced to 4 days a week from April 2009 and so 3 full days a week and 4 evenings a week I was giving full attention to some aspect of Our Family Story - I'm guessing some 1,500 hours.  Our Family Story was published in November 2009 and a week before Christmas even the spare copies were sold and shipped out.    Many cousins contacted me since then, and Edition II was published in November 2012.  Do you want a copy?     and what the book cover looks like 2012 Edition

My sense of humour can best be described by one of my office voice messages, which was as follows; "Welcome to another adventure in the world of voice mail. To begin your adventure, press nothing, leave your message, and please resume your normal behaviour."

I'm flattered that you have taken the time to read about how I've been using my dash. What this page represents, is a biography of sorts and it's this type of information that I'm looking for each descendant of Robert and Hannah Parr. If you wish to have your biography become part of the family of Robert and Hannah Parr research (and not this web site) please click here.  And of course once completed and sent, please resume your normal behaviour.

My contact is

I thank you for your interest in the family of Robert and Hannah Parr.

This web site is for your personal reading enjoyment only. No commercial intent or use is permitted.

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