The Dash

I received the Poem, "The Dash", in typical "FW" fashion of email. I wanted to have it here on this page for all to enjoy.  However, I found out it was copyrighted, and I thought it best to present it to you in the fashion the author envisioned.  Her link to the poem is ...


The Dash


After watching the movie, please realize that it's all about "the dash" ... that's what important. The biographies you find on this web site, are about "the dash".  The dash is what I am looking for with all our relatives, for that's where the stories lay.

An American poet, Muriel Rukeyser, said it best, "The universe is made up of stories, not atoms."  Your stories make up your Dash.

Enjoy making your "
dash", the most exciting part of your life.

If you have information on Robert and Hannah Parr or their descendants, I'd be thrilled to hear from you!  Please contact me at

I thank you for your interest in the family of Robert and Hannah Parr.

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