I was so disappointed! 

The family history was published in 2009 with the second edition in 2012.  In both editions I had no idea what happened to Robert and Hannah's daughter Lucy.  Even with the void of facts, I hesitated with a story of the Coachman's Daughter ... and this is what I published in the 2012 issue;

A story about the Coachman's Daughter and the Lord's son came down through 2 different lines of the family.  At first this story seemed so fanciful and improbable that it was quickly dismissed.  However, the surfacing of the ship Nancy's manifest without Lucy's name leads to speculation!  In the very class conscious society of the 19th century England, could it not be that the Lord banished the coachman and his family to the new world because of  some "impropriety" between the children?

Well, it was an improbable story to begin with but to be honest ... I'm disappointed to have to delete the story, because of what actually happened to Lucy.  Lucy died at the age of 10 at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire and was buried on 14 March 1830 in the St. John the Evangelist cemetery.

Lucy must have left an indelible memory on someone in the family, as the family bible printed in 1868 (or 38 years later) had her full birth date written out.  I once heard an Archivist being interviewed many years ago and she was asked why we have an archive.  She answered, "Then why have a memory?"

Wow!  And someone remembered Lucy, 38 years later.

Has there ever been a better reason for completing your family history? 



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