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When I published Edition II, it was $65 Canadian dollars plus shipping.

I have a few copies left for $40 Canadian dollars or $30 US dollars, both currencies include shipping.

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The above was the first edition published in 2009 of 628 pages, 25 were just the index!


Edition II was published in 2012 cleaning up the many typos of the 2009 copy, adding 39 pages of family stories with 26 index pages (a total of 668 pages - almost 1 3/4 inches thick and almost 5 pounds).  The index was just of our cousins.

Whereas I haven't counted, there are many hundreds of photos, over 900 footnotes and thousands of cousins that make Our Family Story quite the atypical family history book.

Both editions have an unusual appendix that I haven't seen in any family history book.  There is a photo page of Fire Fighters, Military (23 pages), Nurses (8 pages), Police (3 pages), and Sports (3 pages).

Can you find any of your family members in our Index?  It's not an Index of every single person, rather of our older cousins that hopefully you can connect with.

Publishing both editions was an incredibly intensive endeavour.  I've been rather laid back with the family research since publications, just attending the various family reunions ... as I've had a very long "honey-do" list to address ... and a lot more hockey to play!

If you have family updates you wish to share, I have the long term goal of publishing another edition (like 10 or 20 years from now).   Please contact me at

I sincerely appreciate the many cousins that have helped me accumulate the 668 pages of Our Family Story; I simply could not have it done it without their sharing.  Thank you.

Should you be interested in our Our Family Story Edition II, please contact me the costs in getting a copy to you.


I thank you for your interest in the family of Robert and Hannah Parr.

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