The above is the immigration passenger list of Robert and Hannah Parr's family who left London, England and arrived at New York on 12 June 1834. It has been edited for brevity and the copy was cleaned up.

This passenger list brings a whole bunch of questions.  When did they leave New York for Canada?  Why did they leave New York?  Was it their intention to go to Canada via New York?  Or was USA their intended future home, and something happened to change Robert's mind?  Perhaps some free land in Canada?

However, with them landing in New York, it may explain why George's wife was born in New York and Emma's husband was born in Maine. I don't know where George Parr married Albina Edmunds though I do know that Emma Parr married Josiah Dewey in 1842 near Newbury, Ontario.  I know that the family was in New York in 1834 and I do know that the family was in Ontario in 1842.  I don't know when they left New York and arrived in Ontario and why.

There is this 1840 New York census that I edited (Robert Parr was on the bottom on the page, and I moved it to the top for brevity) . So this census shows a Robert Parr but  it's a family of 4 not 8.  It did look interesting for awhile but the parents in the census are both under 30 whereas our Robert and Hannah Parr are both over 40. 

Well that would have helped narrow down when our family left New York ... if it was our family.


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