The names following are people over the age of 60. The purpose is twofold; one to protect the privacy of the "younger generation", and two to give you enough information to connect via your parent or grandparent's name.

Person Children Grand
PARR, Harriett
TOLES, Hannah Jane
    GROVER, Harriett  
    GROVER, Elizabeth  
    GROVER, William  
      GROVER, Ethel
    GROVER, Thomas  
    GROVER, Nellie Elizabeth  
    GROVER, Mary Jane  
      OESTRIKE, Grover Robert
      OESTRIKE, Frederick William
    GROVER, James Wallace  
      GROVER, Jean Ethelene
      GROVER, James Corbett
    GROVER, John Cleveland  
      GROVER, Marion May
      GROVER, Velda Grace
    GROVER, Charles Herbert  
      GROVER, John Harold
      GROVER, Mary Ellen
      GROVER, William Frederick
    GROVER, Lila May  
    GROVER, George Major  
      GROVER, Francis
      GROVER, Helen
      GROVER, Areata
      GROVER, Dolores
      GROVER, Betty
      GROVER, George
      GROVER, Clarence
    GROVER, Frederick Leewood Alvin  
      GROVER, Leawood
      GROVER, Earl
TOLES, William Arthur


TOLES, Frederick

TOLES, Kenneth Edward
TOLES, Gladys Marion
TOLES, Margaret Ellen
TOLES, Vera Jean
TOLES, Laura Mae
TOLES, Hazel Jean
TOLES, William Lloyd
TOLES, Gordon Elwood
TOLES, Frederick Allen
TOLES, Beryl

SMITH, Mabel Jean
SMITH, Hazel Maude
SMITH, Mildred Annie
SMITH, Gordon Claire
SMITH, Edna Beryl
SMITH, Donald William
TOLES, Herbert
      TOLES, Eva Beryl
      TOLES, William Arthur

TOLES, Gordon

TOLES, Laura I.
TOLES, Mary Ellen

PLAIN, William George
      PLAIN, Elmer
      PLAIN, Ester
      PLAIN, Carl Edward
      PLAIN, Christopher
      PLAIN, Levi William
      PLAIN, Harriett Ellen
PLAIN, Walter James
      PLAIN, Ernest G
      PLAIN, Hessel James
      PLAIN, Hubert Franklin
      PLAIN, Walter Isiah
      PLAIN, infant daughter
      PLAIN, infant daughter
PLAIN, Christopher
      PLAIN, Olena
      PLAIN, Charlotte
      PLAIN, Charles C
      PLAIN, James
      PLAIN, Frederick M.
PLAIN, Phoebe A.
      CHILCOTT, Harry D
      CHILCOTT, Clifford E
PLAIN, Amelia
PLAIN, Harriet Ellen
PLAIN, Loretta
      Parker, Lydia E
      PARKER, Ralph
      PARKER, Glenn
      PARKER, Marion
PLAIN, Lydia
      BLOSSER, Andrew
      BLOSSER, Cassidy
      BLOSSER, Lora
      BLOSSER, Vivian
      BLOSSER, Levi
      BLOSSER, Woodrow
      BLOSSER, Avril
      BLOSSER, Donald
      BLOSSER, Cecil
      BLOSSER, Charles
PLAIN, Frederick

TOLES, Jerome


TOLES, Anna Alberta Ida Minnie

ROBINSON, Cecil Thomas
ROBINSON, Sarah Eunice

TOLES, Alexia Lillian Pearl Beatrice

MOORE, Alexia Anna Margaret
MOORE, Merlin Richard
MOORE, Athene Isobel
MOORE, Kenneth
MOORE, Norma
MOORE, Clinton Lawrence
MOORE, Dorothy Geraldine
MOORE, Eldon Albert


      WEDGE,  Virginia
      WEDGE,  Nina E
      WEDGE,  Roy Dean
      WEDGE,  Edith E
      WEDGE,  Pearl M
      WEDGE,  Gertrude
      WEDGE,  Violet
      WEDGE,  Rosella
      WEDGE,  Lucy Starr
      WEDGE,  Andrew
      WEDGE,  Russell Patrick

TOLES, George

TOLES, Frederick




TOLES, Cornelius Michael
TOLES, Edward Frederick
TOLES, Cecil Orville


TOLES, Sumner Roy
TOLES, Eugene
TOLES, Calvin Curtis
TOLES, Marilyn
TOLES, Dorothy Carroll
TOLES, William Wilford

TOLES, William Wilford
TOLES, Joyce Elaine
TOLES, Richard Arthur
TOLES, Robert Allen
TOLES, Donald James
TOLES, Annie

CAMERON, Fred Donald
CAMERON, Delores Ann
CAMERON, Harold Elmer
CAMERON, Isabelle Lyle
CAMERON, Thomas Robert
TOLES, Lillian

JERVIS, Anna May
JERVIS, Lillian Ruth
TOLES, Ross Laval

TOLES, Roslyn Evelyn
TOLES, Barbara Jean
TOLES, Ross Laval
TOLES, Margaret Elizabeth
TOLES, Duncan


TOLES, Clayton
      TOLES, Leslie Elton
      TOLES, Clayton
      TOLES, Marjorie Marie
      TOLES, Virginia
      TOLES, Carol
      TOLES, Karen
TOLES, Gladys
      RADATZ, Doris
TOLES, Ethel
      MILLER, Lloyd
      MILLER, Gertrude
      MILLER, Helen
    TOLES, Hazen  
      TOLES, Gerald Aldon
    TOLES, Flossie Ellen  
      LANGOLF, Kay Morene
TOLES, Mary Marie
TOLES, Alfred
    TOLES, Laura  
TOLES, Frannie
TOLES, Nancy

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