The names following are people over the age of 60. The purpose is twofold; one to protect the privacy of the "younger generation", and two to give you enough information to connect via your parent or grandparent's name.

 PARR, June Pearl

Person Children Grand
PARR, Emma  
  DEWEY, Robert Parr


DEWEY, Cora  
DEWEY, Gertie  

DEWEY, Josiah A

DEWEY, Jessie Emma  
    CUTTING, Marjorie
      CUTTING, Ida
  CUTTING, Jessie
  CUTTING, Eugene L
  CUTTING, Edwin J
DEWEY, Ida Mary  
  WHITFIELD, Elizabeth
DEWEY,  Josiah Austin  
    DEWEY,  Edith Belle  
      COLEMAN, Velma
      COLEMAN, Edward D
      COLEMAN, Jerome Horace
      COLEMAN, Warren L
      COLEMAN, Frank R
    DEWEY, Frank Raymond  
     DEWEY, Della  
     DEWEY, Adele Millicent  
     DEWEY, Pearl Elizabeth  
     DEWEY, Ruby  
  DEWEY, Frank    
  DEWEY, Clara    
    COOK, Charles Carlos  
    COOK, Herman Dency  
  DEWEY, Eliza    
    KIERSTEAD, William  
  DEWEY, Ida    
  BRINK, George    
  BRINK, Arzelia    

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