The names following are people over the age of 60. The purpose is twofold; one to protect the privacy of the "younger generation", and two to give you enough information to connect via your parent or grandparent's name.

 PARR, June Pearl

Person Children Grand
PARR, David


PARR, Henry Johnson


PARR, Robert Edward

      PARR, Stella M


PARR, George Willie
      PARR, Olga Odessia Muriel
PARR, Robert E
PARR, John Thomas


PARR, Julia Ann
PARR, Mary Lilie
PARR, Harry J.
PARR, Basil Jarold
PARR, John Thomas
PARR, Burley Johnson


PARR, Alvie Mae
PARR, Nelson Wilson
PARR, Pearl Beatrice
PARR, Harold Edmond
PARR, Clarence Rufus
PARR, William
PARR, Arthur Frederick
PARR, Ruth Annabelle
PARR, Roy Franklin
PARR, Ethel Margarite
      PARR, baby
PARR, Harry Desmond

PARR, William Clark
PARR, Robert


PARR, David Albert


PARR, Reta Margaret
PARR, Lorne John
      Parr, Eugene Donald
PARR, Mirinda


HALLIDAY, Annie Ardelia
HALLIDAY, Melvin Rosslyn
HALLIDAY, Frederick Albert
      HALLIDAY, Jennie
PARR, Charles Franklin


PARR, Violet Leona
PARR, Virginia
PARR, Ernest


PARR, Melvin
PARR, Mildred May
PARR, Gordon
PARR, Ada Lousie Melina
PARR, Beatrice Mabel
PARR, Frederick A

PARR, Wilbert Mathias

      PARR,  Alice M.


PARR,  Raymond Edward

PARR, Evan Gordon


PARR, Eleanor Jean
PARR, George Sylvester


PARR, John Henry


PARR, Ella May
PARR, William George
PARR, John Wesley
PARR, Francis Russell
PARR, Edena Pearl
PARR, Jean Edith
PARR, Cecil Roy
PARR, Rodmund Percy
PARR, James Frederick
      PARR, infant


PARR, Helen Catherine Jane
PARR,  James Frederick
PARR, Ethel May


WEBB, Muriel Jean
WEBB, Wilbert George
WEBB, Roy Ernest
WEBB, Richard Laverne
WEBB, Erma May
WEBB, John Arthur
PARR, Albert Edgar
      PARR, infant


PARR, Gordon Minto
PARR, Margaret Jean
PARR, Melvin Arthur
PARR, Arthur Howard


KENNEDY, Margaret Ethel
BRITTON, James Edgar
SINCLAIR, Robert Laverne
PARR, Roy Sylvester
      PARR, George Edward Roy


PARR, Bernice Kathleen
PARR, Arthur Charles
PARR, Howard Elgin
PARR, William Frederick


PARR, Mabel Edith
PARR, Frederick Harold

PARR, Blanche Alletta
PARR, Helen Ruth
PARR, Thelma Arlene
PARR, Frederick Gordon

PARR, Emma Jane


NOLAN, Ethel Rose
NOLAN, Arlene Emma
NOLAN, Effie May
PARR, Gordon William

PARR, Gordon Frederick
PARR, John Wesley
PARR, Gail Evangeline

PARR, Ida Josephine


HECHT, Joann Mae
HECHT, Dwight Walter
PARR, Anthony
PARR, Rachel


BIRRELL, Della Mary Adeline

PARR, John Wesley


PARR, William
PARR, Earl Anthony
PARR, Myrtle Marie

BUSHA, Elmer Earl
BUSHA, Edward Wesley
BUSHA, Charles Roland
BUSHA, Robert Wesley
BUSHA, Donald Carroll
BUSHA, Marie Valentine

PARR, Hazel

      PENNELL, Clyde
      PENNELL, Adalena B.
      PENNELL, John L.
      PENNELL, Audrey E.
PARR, Della
PARR, Adeline


TURRILL, David Elroy

    TURRILL, Thomas Sylvester  
      TURRILL, Greta Diana Sylvia
      TURRILL, Daniel
      TURRILL, Elinor
      TURRILL, Linda

TURRILL, Anthony Alonzo

      TURRILL, Evelyn
      TURRILL, Rachel
      TURRILL, Marion
      TURRILL, Doreen
      TURRILL, Betty
      TURRILL, Gordon
      TURRILL, Thomas
      TURRILL, Donald Alonzo
      TURRILL, Audry Madeline
TURRILL, Hubert Wesley
      TURRILL, William Hubert Austin
      TURRILL, Ruth Margaret
TURRILL, Jane Anne
    TURRILL, infant  
PARR, Mary Elizabeth


HARRIS, Gladys  
HARRIS, John Henry
      HARRIS, John Henry
HARRIS, Edna Hilda May
      SAYERS, Howard Earl
      SAYERS, Gordon Francis
      SAYERS, Mildred M
HARRIS, William Thomas F  

HARRIS, Anna Adeline

      SWART, Lawrence Clark
HARRIS, Hubert Sylvester
      HARRIS, Donna
      HARRIS, Douglas
      HARRIS, Gordon
      HARRIS, Lloyd
      HARRIS, Hilda
      HARRIS, Carmen
      HARRIS, Frederick
    HARRIS, Melvin Theodore  
      HARRIS, Theodore Daniel J
      HARRIS,  Emerson Ronald
      HARRIS, William Earl
      HARRIS, Doris Winifred
      HARRIS, Melvin Lawrence
HARRIS, Joseph Irvine
      HARRIS, Rita
      HARRIS, James
      HARRIS, Joanne
      HARRIS, Mary
      HARRIS, Richard
      HARRIS, Virginia
HARRIS, Sidney Francis
PARR, Neuzieme
PARR, Jean


DRENNAN, Alfred Earl
    DRENNAN, AbbyAdeline  
      STINSON, Thomas Edward
      STINSON, Carmen Reuben
      STINSON, Juanita Adeline
DRENNAN, Charlotte M
DRENNAN, Thomas Frederick



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