Mary Ellen, daughter of Robert Parr and Hannah Charity, was born in June of 1836 at Upper Canada (Ontario). Ellen was living with her mother and step-father for the 1852 Census190.

Robert, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Beveridge, was born in 1831 at Scotland. Mary Ellen and Robert were married 28 February 1854 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, by Rev. W. Ames. One of the witnesses to the marriage was one "Is'b Parr." The question is; who is this witness? Is she a here-to-fore unknown sister-in-law?  Could she be a younger sister to Mary Ellen? At this point, it's speculation as to the answer as no Isabelle Parr has been found in the family for another 90 years.

Mary Ellen and Robert had at least five children; Hannah E., Margaret Jane, Mary E., a son and Ann Marie. A male child was recorded in the 1861 census as being born in 1860 and having died in 1860 of whooping cough. The 1861 census found this family living in a 1 ½ story log home, with Robert listed as a farmer.

Margaret Jane was born in 1856 and died 18 September 1866.  Daughter Mary died 22 September 1868 and both are listed as buried in the Cemetery at Wardsville, Ontario.

Mary Ellen died on 8 Oct 1868 and was buried in the Cemetery at Wardsville.

Robert Beveridge’s name was found in the Middlesex Gazetteer and Directory 1864-1866. His name also appears Voters List Township of Mosa, 1877 in Polling Sub-Division No.2.

Annie, daughter of John and Isabella Gordon, was born 1827 at Scotland. Robert married Annie on 10 December 1871 at Newbury, Ontario.





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