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William, son of Mariah Parr and Robert Tunks, was born 27 December 1857 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.

Ellen, or Nellie as she was called, daughter of Walter Cadogan and Eleanor Adelaide Carl; was born 9 December 1867214 at Walsingham, Ontario. Bill and Nellie were married 15 September 1892 at Toronto, Ontario. Billís occupation was that of a saw miller215. They had five children; Walter Earl, Florence M, William Elmer, Clara Belle, and Clarence Bryce. Clarence and Clara Belle were twins.

Florence was born 3 May 1895 in Ontario and was said to have moved to Pontiac, Michigan.

Bill died 15 December 1900 and was buried in the West Bothwell Cemetery at Bothwell, Ontario.

In the 1901 census, Nellie and the five children were living in a seven room house on 46 acres at Mosa Township. Her 27 year old brother Albert was living with the family at that time216.

Nellie caused a stir when she married Bill's brother Charley. Two children were born from Nellie's second marriage; Clifford and Jean. Nellie died in 1957 and was buried in West Bothwell.

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