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Mary Ellen, daughter of Robert Henry Tunks and Thirsa Hewitt, was born 7 August 1882 at Bothwell, Ontario180.

Mary married Daniel Burke on 12 March 1906 in the parsonage at Glencoe, Ontario. Daniel Joseph, son of Daniel Burke and Mary Adams181, was born 14 April 1883 at Bothwell, Ontario182. The marriage record listed Dan’s occupation as a labourer.

Dan was living at Detroit, Michigan when he signed his WWI Attestation Paper on 6 May 1916 to join the 186th Battalion of the Canadian Army. The interesting aspect of this document was the line of next of kin being “Mary Ellen Burk” and the address of your next-of-kin line had the telling answer of “not known”.

Mary was said to have later married Joseph Cherry.

An interview by Audrey Kelly recorded Glen Kelly’s recollectiions about Joe Cherry from the Bothwell basket factory,

"He was in log steaming and fell into one of the vats one day. A quick pull from one of the workers saved his life, although he was in bad shape for a long time." "Joe was a pretty tough old guy. He had a black belt he won for boxing, welterweight or some weight from boxing. At the job Joe used to go a little bit of home-made bootlegging and in order to keep law and order there, he used to get a razor out and clear the house out. One time there he came out like a wild man and they went through the screen door!"

His sister-in-law, Carrie (Tunks) Stocking, recalled that they moved to Saginaw, Michigan. She added that Joe Cherry was at one time a lightweight boxer

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