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Mary Ellen, daughter of Mariah Parr and Robert Tunks, was born 24 June 1864 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.
John, son of John and Susan Cucksey, was born 2 August 1860 at Aldborough Township, Elgin County, Ontario. Ellen and Jack were married 9 December 1888, by a Methodist minister at Bothwell, Ontario279. They had ten children: Martha Jane, Charles Wesley, May Maria, Wellington Bruce, Archibald, Violet Isabelle, John Rennie, Mary Ellen, Effie Orzella, and Robert Brice.

The 1891 census280 found them in Mosa Township, Middlesex County with two children, Martha and Charles.

A first cousin to the children of Ellen and Jack, Jean Johnston Downie, recalled a lengthy trip her parents took her on to visit this family.

"We sat in the buggy down at the front little seats with our backs to the dashboard ... and we went to Delaware (Ontario) to visit the Cucksey's.  And the thing I remember most about it was that in this house where they lived was a rocking horse up in the attic. ... I was allowed to ride on this horse and I was quite thrilled about it."

It's unknown at this point when the family moved to Oxford County on the 12th concession line, though it was after the 1901 census. It was here that Jack took his milk to Borden's dairy plant at Ingersoll, Ontario.

Ellen died from pneumonia on 5 April 1935 and was buried in the cemetery at Delmer, Ontario. Jack died in 1948.

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