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Harry, son of Robert Tunks and Thirsa Hewitt, was born 18 April 1893 in Ontario.

Clara Myrtle, daughter of William Yager and Angeline Hooper, was born 25 June 1898 at Middlesex County, Ontario193. Harry and Clara were married 12 April 1915 at Windsor, Ontario194.

Harry later married Thelma Vera, daughter of Ira Orr and Mary Dick, who was born 24 September 1905 in Camden Township, Kent County, Ontario195Harry and Vera had 1 child; a son who died 17 May 1917 at six weeks of age.

Harry, along with his father, and his brothers Charlie and Bob, worked in the oil fields for a period of time before working at the Bothwell basket factory. When his father died in 1932, Harry and his brothers Bob, Jim, Charley and William rotated as president of the basket factory.

Harry loved to play with kids. He would use the basket factory machinery to cut and shape wood to make box kites. Then he would go off with the kids, leaving his work behind. Because of this and other kindnesses to children, Harry frequently had a crowd of kids around him.

Joe Tunks related this story about Harry. When Joe was a little kid, he was with his dad (Jack), and Harry when they came across a car that had broken down. Harry, like most Tunks of the time, was mechanically inclined and offered to help. Harry was met with a swearing driver who was kicking his car. Harry went on to fix the car and the driver was still cussing when Harry said, "Hey Jack! I'm fixing this guy's car and he's swearing at me." The driver replied that he was swearing at the car and not Harry. "Well," Harry says, "you know the car can't hear you and I can."

Harry died 20 February 1944 and was buried in the West Bothwell Cemetery at Bothwell, Ontario.  Vera died in 1966 and was buried with Harry.






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