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David, son of Mariah Parr and Robert Tunks, was born 31 March 1860 (19 Mar 1862? Census) in Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.

Magdalena, daughter of Henry Sitler and Susannah Good was born 29 August 1873247 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County. Lanie started working at the Bothwell apple factory when she was 9 years old. Maggie and her mother both worked there. Maggie was the oldest in her family and she had to work. This meant that she didn't have much education and through the years she could read, though not easily. Maggie and her sisters Emma and Mariah were baptized in the river because the Baptist Church didn't have a baptismal font. David and Maggie were married 18 August 1890 at Wardsville, Ontario248.

They had 12 children; Emma Jane, Mariah, Ernest Henry, Della May, James Robert, Clifford William, Iva Blanche, John Wilfred, Clara Bertha, Olive, Glen, and Garnet David.   Olive was born 7 March 1906 at Mosa Township249 and she died of inanition (extreme malnutrition) on 6 May 1906250. Glenn was said to have been born in 1907 and died at birth251.

Dave used to cut lumber for furniture and caskets. His property had plenty of birdseye maple, ash, and walnut to make a good product. He worked in the basket factory that his brother Bob ran. As most Tunks of his day, Dave was a good mechanic. At one point, Dave went down to Pennsylvania and laid out sawmills and gristmills. Dave was oiling a saw and something fell from above that forced his hand into a saw at his brother's sawmill. The doctor cut off most of Dave's arm and that forced a change of careers; to that of a mailman. With a new career came a new nickname, "one arm Dave".

At first Dave used Walpole Ponies. He'd use one in the morning and another one for the afternoon to pull the buggy in delivering mail. Then he paid $680 for a used model T. A "modification" Dave made to the Model T was to get an axe and cut the top off. Then it was open to handing out mail on either side. He was delivering mail for some 20 years until he retired.

This old Ford was a small 4 cylinder car. One would put their foot down to the floor for low gear, and lift your foot off for high speed. There wasn't paved roads then, so this old car with its almost bicycle sized tires braved the many roads made up of sand tracks. Snake roads they were called; roads with deep ruts that dictated where the car was going to go.

Dave, like most Tunks of his day, had a wicked temper. But he still loved kids, his or others. "He was good hearted, said granddaughter Dona Nash, "he'd give you the last cent he had."

Maggie had an appendicitis operation on 9 December 1930 and died of Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) on 11 December 1930252. She was buried in the Gibbs (now named Gardiner) Cemetery. Dave lived out his life at Cashmere, Ontario and died in his 89th year on 21 August 1948 and was buried in the Gibbs Cemetery as well.


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