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Charles, son of Robert Henry Tunks and Thirsa Hewitt, was born 10 August 1884 at __________________ Ontario183.

Thirsa was sometimes away at all hours, acting as a midwife.  This gave Charlie the opportunity to become the good cook that he was. That was, when he wasn't quarrelling with his brother Bob about who was going to do the cooking.

Luella, daughter of Lewis G. Smith and Elizabeth Scarth184, was born in 1880 at Euphemia Township, Lambton County. Charlie and Luella were married 15 October 1921 in the Park Street Parsonage at Chatham, Ontario185.

Charlie, along with brothers Bob and Harry and his father Bob, worked at drilling oil wells. Charlie's wife was probably one that agreed that the Tunks money was sunk into the ground. Charlie made his own gasoline from crude oil. His process though, had people saying, "Charlie will blow himself up one of these days186." He obviously didn't, as he lived to be over 90.

Luella died on 17 August 1961 and was buried at the United Church Cemetery at Shetland, Ontario.

Charlie remarried to Vera L. Shepley. Vera, daughter of Isaac L. Shepley and Almira Read, was born 8 August 1900187 at Coatsworth, Ontario. Vera died on 31 August 1972 and was buried at the Shetland United Church Cemetery.

Charlie remarried to Lillian (Edwards) Gorski. Lillie and Charles had been good friends for 3 years before deciding to get married. They were married in 1974 in the home of the Pentecostal church pastor at Bothwell, Ontario.

There was no honeymoon, as Charlie was quoted as saying, Its too cold.

Charlie died on 6 April 1981 aged 96, and was buried in the Shetland United Church Cemetery.

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