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Catherine, daughter of Mariah Parr and Robert Tunks, was born 4 September 184410 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.

David, son of Ebenezer Little and Elizabeth Younglove, was born 22 September 1842 in Ontario11. Catherine and David were married 19 February 1865 at Mosa Township12. They had thirteen children; Robert Sanford, Anna Marie, Ada, James, Edgar, Oscar, Charles, Emma Jane, George, Franklin, Maude, Fred, and Clara.

They owned a farm south of Bothwell and Carrie (Tunks) Stocking remembers frequent visits there. She was a "beautiful woman, lovely Christian woman", said Carrie. "Aunt Catherine and Uncle Dave had little things, like rabbits that had no tails ... She (Catherine) told me if you catch one of them by the tail, you can take it home - they didn't have a tail!" Catherine would cut off the crusts from the bread and throw them out the door for the dogs. Carrie enjoyed bread crusts and was feeling bad about that.  Catherine then cut off the other end of the bread and gave it to Carrie. Carrie was one happy little girl.

The front room of Dave and Catherine's place was the parlour. Catherine had a large collection of stereoscopic pictures that Carrie amused herself with each visit. Carrie said that she doesn't recall going through the full collection, as Aunt Catherine had many packs of them.

Catherine died from heart disease on 12 August 191113 and was buried in the West Bothwell Cemetery at Bothwell, Ontario. David died of Arterial Sclerosis complicated by Nephritis on 23 November 192814 and was buried in the Flemming Cemetery in Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.


Photo identified only as “David Little’s family” Catherine (Tunks) Little is the left inset photo. Franklin is

thought to be 2nd from left in the back, Oscar in the back centre, Sandford 2nd from right and Edgar might

be the far right.

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