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Carrie Alva, daughter of Robert Tunks and Thirsa Hewitt, was born 1 October 1900 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario. Her older brother Bill came up with her name.  Carrie wondered many years later if she was named after one of his girlfriends. When the Vital Statistics became available to the general public after Carries’ death, her birth record clearly shows her middle name as “Olive”197.

As a kid, "I liked to make mud pies, and I learned to cook. I liked a lot of fun. I liked music." She liked music enough to learn how to play the accordion and the piano. Though Carrie never mentioned it, others said she could play very well. When she was big enough to roll out dough, she helped her mother in making pies.

Carrie never talked about it, but she was first married to Archie Graham Patterson. He was the son of Dan Patterson and Martha Elley, born on 15 April 1898198 at Aldborough Township, Elgin County, Ontario. They were married 10 February 1920 at Bothwell, Ontario199. How this marriage was dissolved, is unknown.

"I worked in the telephone office, back in the old fashioned days, and I enjoyed it. I liked being with the other ladies around the phones, but I didn't like sitting. But I did like working in my dad's (basket) factory. We could make up lost time, go to the ball game, come back after supper, work it out, and go to a party at night, us five girls in the car ..."

It was while Carrie and her girlfriend were looking for someone to take them to a dance that they came across two available dates. It was during the drive to the Wardsville dance that Carrie got to know Hill.

"I knew that he sprang from good parents, so one way or another we got together, just automatically."

They courted by Hill's horse and buggy.

Hillard Charles, son of Thomas Stocking and Bessie Pickett, was born 2 November 1900 at Euphemia Township, Lambton County, Ontario200.

Carrie said this about Hill's last name, "What a crazy name (Stocking). It might as well be Shoe! (chuckle) I never liked the name. (chuckle) But something about him I seemed to like. He was different than he is now. (chuckle) He had his own teeth, and he had hair ... sort of pliable then (more laughter)." Carrie added, "Nowadays, I would make him take my name."

Carrie and Hill were married 22 December 1927 in the Temple Baptist Church at Windsor, Ontario.

They farmed for 40 years, mostly corn, wheat, oats - feed for cattle and pigs. And they had hens! Two to three hundred hens at a time and they were Carrie's responsibility.

They were blessed with two "beautiful" oil wells on their property. That was in 1948 with oil at $2 per barrel. There was an article in the Imperial Oil Review about their discovery, with the well producing 40 barrels a day. Known as "Dante No. 2", oil was found at 345 feet. When asked by a Toronto Daily Star reporter about her good fortune, Carrie replied, "People may say this prosperity is coming up out of the ground, but the fact of the matter is that it is God's gift from above, and we are grateful for it." Hill on the other hand, talked of new farming equipment and updating his 15 year old car; they had won the lottery. The well was found on their 10 acre plot that was bought by Hill's father in 1883. It didn't "last long, (but) awhile," said Hill.

                                                                                                                                                 Hill and Carrie Stocking 1988

They retired from their farm in 1967 and sold their 330 hens to move into Bothwell, Ontario.

She enjoyed watching the ball games in her youth, and that interest continued throughout her life. When she had cataracts removed, she enjoyed the ball games that much more. In their latter years, going to church, visiting, and puttering about the house were their activities. They would watch the 11 o'clock news, and then off to bed.

Carrie died 12 December 1988 and Hill died 26 February 1992. They were buried in the West Bothwell Cemetery at Bothwell, Ontario.


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