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Mariah, daughter of Robert Parr and Hannah Charity was born 19 January 1829 at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, England.  Mariah was baptized 24 March 1833 with sister Harriett at St. John the Evangelist Church at Waterbeach.

Mariah's parents brought Mariah and her siblings to Ontario, Canada sometime during 1834.  They settled near Wardsville, Ontario by the 1842 census.

Robert, son of Richard Tunks and Catherine Hansel, was born 25 July 1818 at Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.

They both lived at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario when they were married 20 September 1843 by an E. Methodist minister, Rev. C. Flumerfelt.

For the 1851 Census, the family was in Wardsville, Ontario and Robert was a tanner. There is a second job listed for Robert, but the handwriting is not clear; does it say "carver"? or does it say "Farmer"? Children at this point were, Catherine, Hannah Ann, Richard and Anna Jane.

For the 1861 Census, they were living in a frame one storey house with Robert listed as a farmer. This was his occupation listed for 3 census, as the family lived on 1 Concession, Lot 29 in Mosa Township. In 1861, there were more children; Robert, George, William and Charles. The census noted that one family member absent that was Hannah, who found living her mother's mother, then (grandmother) Hannah Armstrong. Also in the 1861 Census, there was one male attending school, and one birth in 1860 (Charles).                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thought to be Robert Tunks

The 1871 Census had more children, David, Elen (Mary Ellen), Mariah, and John. The Census noted two barns, one carriage, two ploughs, one fanning mill, and 50 cultivated acres.

For the 1881 Census, 6 children are left, George, William, Charles, David, Ellen, and Mariah. Son John was not listed and was likely dead by this census, as he would not have been older that 11 years. (One would think that at 11, he would have been too young to be out on his own.) Son Robert was married to Thirsa Hewitt by this time, and itís interesting to note that Thirsaís parents were neighbours to Robert and Mariah for this census.

Robert was listed as a blacksmith for the 1891 Census. Son George was a lumberman, and sons William and David were sawers in a saw mill.

Mariah died 2 January 1898 of cancer of the stomach.. Bob lived with daughter Maria in his last years. Bob died 13 August 1906 also of cancer of the stomach.


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