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William Henry Earl, son of Mariah Jane Parr and William Henry Colborne, was born 2 May 1901 at Moore Township, Lambton County, Ontario.

Leatha, daughter of Joseph Edwin Liddle and Hulda A Willan, was born 20 February 1901 at ________________(Canada).

Earl was an electrician.

Earl and Leatha were married 15 May 1926 in the home of an Methodist Episcople minister at Beaumont, California.

When Earl became a US citizen, he dropped the "William Henry" and continued his life as "Earl Colborne". It's speculation to say that Earl dropped "William Henry" from his name to further distance himself from his father - as if California wasn't distance enough.

Lita was an only child. The religion she followed was Christian Science.

They had no children. Earl's sister Alta (Colborne) McEwen said that Lita didn't want to have children and Earl accepted that. When Earl remarried, he found himself to be a step-grandfather - it was something that he enjoyed.

Lita died of cancer 19 May 1973 and was cremated in the Pacific Crest Cemetery at _________________ California.

Earl remarried Mary Emma Chaudet on the 18 May 1974 at Torrance, California.

Mary, daughter of Jules Chaudet and Laure Santschi, was born 16 August 1907 at Denver, Colorado.

Earl died from _________________ (cause) on _____________ 1988 and was buried in the ____________________ cemetery at _____________________________. (city)

Mary died from _________________ (cause) on ________________ (date) and was buried in the ____________________ cemetery at ___________________. (city)

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