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Robert, son of Frederick Parr and Jane Whiting, was born 23 September 1855 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.

Susan Amelia, daughter of John Colborne and Mary Ann Gould, was born 22 May 1859 at London, Ontario.  They married 10 November 1877 in Mosa Township.

They had 8 children; Blanche, Floyd Wesley, Norman George, Eva Gertrude, Maxwell Colborne, Vera Fae, Robert Harold, and Margaret Annabel.

They farmed for four years on the town line between Brooke and Enniskillen Township, Lambton County, Ontario. They were 30 years in business at Brigden, Ontario before moving to Melbourne, Ontario for 8 years with a grocery store.

While in Brigden, Bob (Parr) and Susie's (Colborne) kids frequently swapped their dinner table with Jane (Parr) and William's (Colborne) dinner table. Brother and sister married a sister and brother, creating two very close families.

They moved to West Lorne, Ontario in 1923 and was a grocer until he retired due to ill health. Two years later, Robert died from Pernicious Anemia on 9 November 1931 and was buried at Westlawn Cemetery at London, Ontario.

Bob was a stout man. He was a life member of the then Methodist Church and the current United Church, and Robert was a member of the Masonic Order at Melbourne.

Niece Evelyn (Langford) Warren still had (in 1985) a patchwork quilt, with a double wedding ring in the pattern, that aunt Susie had made for her. Granddaughter Eva (Parr) Cook also was given a double wedding ring quilt as a teenager. She still had it in 1997. Eva added that Susie was a prolific quilter.

Susie died from ___________ (cause) on 26 September 1943 and was buried with Bob.

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