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Norman George, son of Robert Parr and Susan Amelia Colborne, was born 17 May 1889 at Brigden, Ontario25.

Lenna, daughter of Neil McFarlane and Martha Ann Ladell, was born 6 October 1881 at Lobo Township, Middlesex County, Ontario26. Norman married Lenna 10 September 1914 at Enniskillen Township, Lambton County, Ontario27; they had no children.

Lenna died 17 February 1959 at Walkerville, Ontario and was buried in the cemetery at Alvinston. Norm had a bit of a speech impediment, though that didn't stop him from operating a general store for 30 years at Oil City, Ontario. At the same time, he was a tinsmith, installing furnaces and putting eaves on homes. The speech impediment was caused when he had diphtheria as a child. He was a member of the Inwood Lodge AF & AM.

Norman remarried to Emma Elizabeth Read 14 April 1961 at the Temple Baptist Church at Windsor, Ontario. Emma was the daughter of James Argyle Read and Katherine Jane Hubbell, and was born 23 September 1905 at Harwich Township, Kent County, Ontario28. Emma was listed in the “Loyalist Lineages of Ontario” book published by Generation Press.

Norman died at Metropolitan Hospital in Windsor on 5 April 1976 and was buried with Lenna in the cemetery near Alvinston, Ontario.


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