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Lavinie, daughter of Frederick Parr and Jane Whiting, was born 24 August 1878 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario180. In the 1901 census, Vinie was living with her older brother David and her mother. The census recorded a John Tallman as being an employee of Jane Whiting181. The plot thickens when Vinieís brother Willy, had a farm hand listed with them - a certain William Tallman182.

William Tallman, son of William Tallman and Harriet Whiting was born 1866 at Mosa Township183. At this point, itís not known if Jane Whiting and Harriet Whiting, the mothers of this marriage, are related to one another.

Vinie and William were married on 3April 1901 at Courtwright184, Ontario by Rev. Edwin Lee. Vinie and William were listed as living at Brigden, Ontario. They had four children; Thelma Maude, Emma Mae, Frederick Elroy and Orzella Ann.

Thelma was born 7 November 1904 at Brigden and died from scarlet fever on 18 May 1911185. She was buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery at Moore Township, Lambton County, Ontario.

William died on 5 December 1941 and was buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery, north of Brigden, Ontario. Vinie was living with her daughter Zella when she died on 26 August 1962, and was buried in Bear Creek.



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