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Joseph, son of Frederick Parr and Jane Whiting, was born 14 October 1868 at Wardsville, Ontario. Although throughout his adult life he was "Joe" or "Joseph", though the 1871 census114 lists him as "Josiah". Frederick's older sister Emma married "Josiah Dewey", and perhaps that was where the name came from?

Maude, daughter of William M. Bagley and Mary E. Harvey, was born in 1871 at New York. They married on Wednesday 10 April 1895 in the home of the bride's parents at Davison, Michigan. After the service, there was an "elegant wedding supper." The announcement that was reprinted in the Sarnia Observer went on to say that, "The presents were numerous and costly and testified amply to the esteem with which the popular young couple is held." Joe's sister Bertha was a bridesmaid, and her soon to be husband, Guy Tenny, was a groomsman. Joe and Maude had two children; Mary Irene and Clayton Bryan.

Joe was a tinsmith at the 1900 Census115, though later he had a hardware store in Davison, Michigan, inheriting some of the entrepreneurial spirit from his father. Maude was a school teacher.

Joseph died 22 January 1957 at Davison, Michigan

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