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Ida Mary, daughter of Frederick Parr and Jane Whiting, was born 18 April 1872 at _________________________ (city) The 1901 census has her birth date as 18 April 1873 and born in Ontario. Her husband and children were living at Dawn Township, Lambton County, Ontario.

Leslie Herman, son of Michael Morningstar and Mary Ann Zimmerman, was born 22 February 1868144 in Ontario. Ida and Les were married 22 November 1893 at Port Huron, Michigan145. Les was listed as a labourer. Ida and Les had six children; Ross Bernard, Ida Maude, Della May, Herman Leslie, Herbert Milton, and Frederick.

Ida died of phthisis (tuberculosis) on 3 December 1904146 and was buried in the cemetery near Oil Springs, Ontario.

Les remarried to Emma Keck on 7 April 1910 at Petrolia, Ontario147 and had three children; George, Ella Irene and Mabel. Emma, daughter of Samuel Keck and Annie Gordier, was born in 1875148.

Les was a Stave Jointer when children Ross and Maude were born149, though at times he was a farmer and oil producer. He was a staunch Conservative and a member of the Orange Lodge. Les also was the secretary-treasurer of the local school board for 28 years. He died on 14 March 1941 after a short illness and was buried with Ida.

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