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Henry, son of Frederick Parr and Jane Whiting, was born 5 November 1859 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario64. Though Henry's father was said to have been a religious man; that trait didn't make its way to Henry. Henry it has been said, was frequently at the hotel playing cards and betting.

Mary Ellen, daughter of John and Margaret Sinclair, was born (1862) at Brockville, Ontario65. Henry and Mary were married 29 March 1882 at Moore Township, Lambton County, Ontario66. They had four children; Frederick, Orzelia May, Maggie Albertha and John Leslie. Orzelia was born 27 December 1884 at Moore Township, Lambton County, Ontario67 and she died 1 January 1887 from diptheira68. Maggie was born 26 February 1889 at Brigden, Ontario69. She contracted tuberculosis and died in 1905.

The 1891 census found Henry, his wife and children Frederick and Maggie living with Henry’s parent’s home. At that time, Henry was employed as a butcher70. It is unclear when and what prompted the move from Ontario to Michigan, though the death of Mary may have motivated that.

Mary died after a lengthy illness on 4 June 1904. Harry was cutting trees when one fell on him and injured his lung. A lung disease set in, what the doctors of the day lumped into the title of tuberculosis.  Harry died at Millersburg, Michigan.

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