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Floyd Wesley, son of Robert Parr and Susan Amelia Colborne, was born 7 August 188722 at Brigden, Ontario. Floyd served in World War One, and his Regimental number was 3106437.

Georgina Mary Agnes, daughter of Nathaniel Davidson and Bessie Kent, was born 10 September 1889 at West Williams Township, Middlesex County, Ontario23.

Floyd and Georgie were married 12 June 1926 at London, Ontario by Floyd’s brother, Rev Max Parr24. They had no children, though they had a foster child. Barbara Shelvock was living at Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1949 and later married Ken Shaw.

Floyd built bridges. For 40 years, he was with the Canadian Bridge Company. He never had the papers to prove his knowledge, just the bridges he was "superintendent of steel erection" of; The Thousand Island Bridge, the Nipigon Bridge, the ore dock at Thunder Bay, Ontario, the coal Hoist at Erieau, Ontario, the Windsor/Detroit Tunnel, and the Ambassador Bridge to Detroit. Floyd also was sent to Russia to build bridges there. There is a story of a photo of President Rosevelt shaking Floyd’s hand on top of the Ambassador Bridge; though it hasn’t been found yet.

Alta (Colborne) McEwen related a story of how one of the big cylinders went down crooked in the Detroit/Windsor tunnel. Floyd's boss asked him to work out the cost of raising it and putting it in straight.  Both men knew Floyd's numbers wouldn't be accepted, but his boss wanted him to do it. With no engineering papers, his quote was the closest. Alta asked him how he does it. "Alta", came the reply, "I just close the door and lock it, and get down on my knees." "That's the kind of guy he was." said Alta.

Dr. Raymond Parr recalls one project in British Columbia. The Company was contracted to replace a railway bridge in the Rockies. The company was to be penalized $500 for every hour they held up the train.  Floyd was the engineer on that job and the company didn't pay one dollar penalty.

Floyd underwent surgery for a brain tumour and died 24 November 1949 at the Harper Hospital in Detroit. There were special lodge services at Garden Lodge No. 641, A.F.& A.M. the evening before burial in the Windsor Grove Cemetery at Windsor, Ontario. The Canadian Bridge Company purchased his headstone and had sandblasted on it, a likeness of the Ambassador Bridge. It was this bridge that he was working on at his death. Georgie died on 6 May 1979 at the Windsor Western Hospital and was buried with Floyd.


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