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Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Frederick Parr and Jane Whiting, was born 21 May 1863 at ________________. (city)

William, son of Harriett Parr and Jerome Toles, was born 17 September 185181 in Ontario. They married 22 April 1885 at St. Clair, Michigan by Justice of the Peace Wm. Black. Hence, officially endorsed, first cousins married.

Eliza and William had five children; Frederick, Beryl, Herbert, Gordon, and Laura. Laura was born 4 July 190082 at and died of Influenza 21 December 191883. She was buried in the Bradshaw Cemetery near Brigden, Ontario.

It was said that William was a customs man, though the 1911 Census had him as a farmer84.

William died of heart failure on Monday 30 November 191485 and was buried in Bradshaw Cemetery. Eliza died on 17 April 1928 and was buried with William.

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