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Della Mae, daughter of William George Parr and Sarah Jane Hayward, was born 4 March 1899103 at Moore Township, Lambton County, Ontario.

Earl Sherwood, son of King Houston and Annabelle Henderson, was born 3 July 1891 at Petrolia, Ontario104. Della and Earl were married 29 June 1921105 in the Presbyterian Manse at Brigden. They had one child, Shirley Jean Houston who was born 1 May 1924.

The Houston family had an oil property in the Petrolia area, and when the wells started to become less productive, Earl became a foreign field driller and the family went to Peru and the oil fields there. Della became ill and returned to Canada with Shirley, while Earl stayed in Peru.

While Della was seriously ill at the family residence in Brigden, Shirley stayed with her grandmother Annabelle Houston at London, Ontario. One Thursday grandmother and Shirley visited a neighbour and Shirley accidentally ingested oil of wintergreen and died from the effects of the oil on 4 February 1926.  Shirley was buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery, north of Brigden.

Della, broken hearted about Shirley’s death, died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis on 16 December 1926106 and was buried alongside Shirley.

The Oil Springs Oil museum has the names of the Houston family honoured amongst other pioneer oil drillers.

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