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David Frederick, son of Frederick Parr and Jane Whiting, was born 9 December 1866 at _______________ Ontario.

In the 1901 census, David was living with his mother and sister, Vinie, at Moore Township, Ontario. David later lived with his brother Sherman's family at Brigden, Ontario.

One recollection of his brother Sherman's daughter, Gloria, was about his sense of humour.

"I can remember him sitting at the table in our dining room. There was a wainscoting running around the dining room. Uncle Dave would reach over, pretend to catch an ant or two and pretend to eat them. I was horrified as a small child."

Dave would board a train to Michigan and visit Clayton Parr and family. A young Clinton usually received a 25 cent shinplaster from Dave, and a much older Clinton wished he still had them. David died from Hypostatic Congestion of the Lung on 10 December 1934 at Petrolia Hospital and was buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery, north of Brigden, Ontario112.

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