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Charles, son of Frederick Parr and Jane Whiting, was born 22 August 1876 at Wardsville, Ontario176.

Agnes, daughter of James McMaster and Jane Clark, was born in October 1878 at Casselton, Ireland. Charles and Agnes were married 26 April 1899177 in the Methodist Church at Brigden, Ontario.  Charles's sister, Vina, was one of the witnesses. Charles and Agnes had one child; Delta May. Delta was born 31 August 1899 at Brigden, Ontario178. It is unknown the fate of Agnes, though it is known that Charley remarried.

Gertrude, daughter of William Whiting and Agnes Hivon, was born about 1887 in Michigan. Charley and Gertrude were married 20 August 1908 at Windsor, Ontario179. At the time of the marriage, Charley and Gertrude were living at Jackson, Michigan.

Charley was a railroad engineer, and sometime during his career he moved his family to San Jose, California. That was where Delta was last heard from.

Charley died in August 1936.










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