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Charles Colborne, son of Clara Belle Colborne and Charles Anderson Gardner, was born 17 January 1918 at Port Arthur, (now Thunder Bay) Ontario. Chuck was the first president of the Turtle Club, an organization of High School graduates, and a member of the Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club.

Chuck never married and had no children. In August 1941 he was sent to England with the Royal Canadian Air Force. On 3 November 1941 Sergeant Chuck Gardner was on a training flight when he failed to return. In June 1942 it was reported that he was presumed dead58. His body was recovered on July 20th59. Sister Jane said that he was running low of gas and he went down through fog to see if he could land but crashed his Spitfire into Brecknock Beacon, Wales. His date of death was recorded as 3 November 194160. Chuck was buried in the Hereford Cemetery at Hertfordshire, England.

Sergeant Gardner's name is commemorated on page 30 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance. Each day, a different page of the Book of Remembrance is opened for public display during a special ceremony in the Memorial Chamber, at Parliament Hill, Ottawa. The page which honours his name will be open on January 26th of each year, according to the 2003 schedule.

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