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Blanche, daughter of Robert Parr and Susan Amelia Colborne, was born 17 June 1885 at Brigden, Ontario14.

Joseph Arthur, son of William Staples and Margaret Fallis, was born 22 April 1882 at Sombra Township, Lambton County, Ontario15. Blanche and Art were married 5 June 190616 in the Guthrie Manse at Brigden. Art's occupation was listed as a barber on the marriage register.  They had one child; Harold. Harold was stillborn on 28 October 191817 and was buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery north of Brigden, Ontario.

Blanche has been described as a "big stout girl".  Blanche and Art had a store at Oil Springs, Ontario when Alta (Colborne) McEwen recalled visiting them one hot summer day, "I got thirsty for a drink. Blanche, where can I get a drink? She says, just over there in the pail." Alta took one look at the pail and said, "You can't drink that!" Blanche walked over, took the dipper and swished the oil covering away and picked up the water. The oil fell off and the water tasted good and cold! It didn't look like water to Alta though18.

Blanche died from pneumonia on 9 January 191919 and was buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery.

Art remarried on 22 February 1921 at Melbourne, Ontario20. Barbara Catherine Pearl, daughter of John Buchanan and Margaret Campbell, was born in April 1888 at Campbellton, Ontario21.

Kate had a hat store at Melbourne, Ontario. Art and Kate then had a grocery store at Clachan, Ontario. It was here that one day niece (to Blanche) Eileen Leitch visited. Art and Kate had a dog when they lived above the Clachan store. Eileen remembered that because she was "frightened to death of the dog."

Art died on 11 November 1930 and was buried with Blanche.


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