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Frederick, son of Robert Parr and Hannah Charity, was born 15 October 1833 at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, England. In 1834, Frederick’s parents brought the family to Canada via the Port of New York, settling near Wardsville, Ontario in 1834.

Jane, daughter of John Whiting, was born 11 March 1834 in England1. Fred and Jane were married 29 November 1854 by Rev. H. Wilkinson. The Christian Guardian mentioned that Fred was from Mosa (Township), and that Jane was from London Township; both in Ontario.

A recollection from grandson Dr. Raymond Parr was his grandmother sharpening her butcher knife on one of the bricks by the back door of her house. Unfortunately when the story was checked out, there was no house as it had been demolished and no well worn brick to find.

Frederick Parr, a religious man with entrepreneurial spirit, married Jane Whiting on 21 November 1854 at London, Ontario. They had thirteen children; Robert, Mariah Jane, Henry, Rachel, Elizabeth Ann, William George, David Frederick, Josiah (Joe in later life), Emma Mae, Ida Mary, Bertha, Charles, and Lavinie. .

Grand daughter Alta (Colborne) McEwen recollected that Frederick was a religious man. In his Christian caring, he went out of his way to care for a woman with tuberculosis, and he caught the disease and died from it. Indeed, 5 great grandchildren were ministers and four family bibles were found tracing various parts of Fred’s family. One was found that listed his parents and siblings’ birth dates, with the added bonus of Fred’s marriage date and his children’s birth dates; a genealogical treasure!

The idea of him having an entrepreneurial spirit comes from his buying and selling land packages. He had submitted a plan for "Centreville". It was to be located between Wardsville and Newbury, Ontario, and it was a town plot consisting of two streets and 4 sections of 4 half acre lots. There was a planned street with 8 lots on either side named "Parr Street". It was registered in March of 1855 and it was the North Half of Lot 17, Second Range. This same spot his father had done his settlement duties for.

However, checking the history of what was going on in the area explains what happened. The early 1850's started a land boom because of the railroad coming to Mosa Township. “Centreville” never came to reality possibly because the land bust began in 1855 and the rail line went elsewhere.

In the 1861 census for Mosa Township, Fred and family were living in a brick one storey house and were neighbours to his mother and step-father, Hannah and William Armstrong. Three children were born by this time, Robert, Mariah Jane, and Henry2.

The Middlesex Gazetteer and Directory 1864-1866 found Fred and family living in Mosa Township, Concession 2, Lot 17; the same area as his brother-in-law Robert Beveridge. The 1861 census confirms that location for Fred Parr. In the 1871 census, children Rachel, Eliza, David, William, Josiah, and Emma were part of the family3.

Published by HR Page & Co. in the Middlesex County Atlas of 1878, Fred Parr was listed on page 50 as a farmer, on the 2 Range, NLR 17 (above) with the date of settlement of 1842, nativity of England and post office of Wardsville. However in the 1881 Census, Fred and family were now living in Moore Township, Lambton County, Ontario4. In the 1891 census, daughter Emma was a next door neighbour and son Henry's family were living with Fred and Jane5.

Recognition was made of Fred being “among the old settlers of Mosa”, as he was listed with others in the History of the County of Middlesex, Canada.  Fred died from consumption on 29 January 19006 and was buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery near Brigden. For the 1901 census, Jane was living with son David and daughter Vina in a 4 room house at Moore Township7. Jane died 8 April 1909 and was buried next to Fred8.


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