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Wilbert George, son of Ethel May Parr and William James Webb, was born 25 August 1913 at Calgary, Alberta.  Before enlisting in the RCAF in February 1941, he was employed with the Hudsonís Bay Company and he was well known as a star on their hockey team.

Wilbert was featured in seven photos as he went through the various phases in training as an Air Gunner146.

Alma Kent147 married Wilbert in December 1941.  Wilbert's sister had this to say about her brother. "He was the family favourite, as well as very popular with his friends - being tall, handsome and quiet, and efficient. Of course I could be a little prejudiced, as I grew up with him as my idol - but he was popular.  He was good in sports; playing hockey and baseball with local teams. ... He finished high school in the midst of the Depression, so worked with Dad and other contractors for a few years, and then enlisted in the (Canadian) Air Force. We didn't know his wife very well as he married her just shortly before going overseas. After his death she moved to the States, and later remarried. .. Through the years she wrote to mother and always sent her flowers on the anniversary of his death."

Wilbert attained the rank of Flight Sergeant. He was killed 10 August 1942 on a bombing mission when the plane was hit by flack. He bailed out but his parachute didnít open. He was buried in the Gemainde Cemetery in Weirden, Overyssel, Holland148.

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As a footnote, The 1916 Census for Bow River, Alberta finds a 2 year old Alberta born Alma Kent, daughter of Alfred G. and Agnes Kent. Itís speculation though plausible that this is one of the same Alma Kent. The mother Agnes was listed as born in the ďUSAĒ and that may have been the connection with Alma moving to the US after Wilbertís death.

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