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Robert, son of David Parr and Jane Duke Johnson, was born 9 April 184861 at Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.

Melissa, daughter of Charles M. Lucas and Annie Mirinda Zimmerman, was born 8 March 185162 at Nelson Township, Halton County, Ontario. They were married 31 March 1870 at London Township, Middlesex County by a Wesleyan Methodist minister63. They had eight children: Mirinda, David Albert, Charles Franklin, Rachel Emma, Ernest, Frederick, Wilbert Mathias, and Evan Gordon. Rachel was born 29 July 1878 at Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario64.

The 1901 census found Robertís family living at Euphemia Township with 50 acres. By this time, Wilbert and Evan were the only children living at home65.

Melissa died from phthisis66 (tuberculosis) on 18 June 1910 and was buried in the Longwood Cemetery at Caradoc Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.

As there were several Robert Parr's in the area, Bob was referred to as "Grey Bob". Bob died from Heart Failure67 on 13 November 1913 and was buried in the United Church Cemetery at Shetland, Ontario.


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