Jenny and Alfred Robins

Jenny Edith, daughter of John Henry Parr and Mary Ann Lucinda Griffith, was born 15 February 1910 at Waskada, Manitoba.

Jenny had many chores on her father's farm. She cleaned the barn, milked the cows, carried water and wood into the house, and in the summer, there were berries to pick. As her mother's asthma worsened, Jenny picked up the slack with more household chores.

Alfred Ernest, son of __________ Robins (father) and ____________________ (mother) , was born _________________ (date) at Fisher Branch, Manitoba.

They were married 21 May 1950 in St. Luke's Anglican Church at Dryden, Ontario.

One memory from Jean's niece Ella Mary Jane (Parr) Kosik. She recalled one time when she was 9 or 10 years old that Alfred and George Scott (a friend) were at Ella's parents place. Alfred and George had had a few drinks and they did the sword dance using brooms. That was Ella's first experience of a sword dance.

Alfred was a farmer. He died from ________________ (cause) on ___ April 1962, and was buried in the ____________________ Cemetery at Winnipeg, Manitoba.
It wasn't too long after Alfred's death that Jenny, based on her minister's recommendation, became a resident at Bethania Mennonite Home at Winnipeg, Manitoba. There she was at that Home until she died from ________ on 19 August 1997. She was buried in the Brookside Cemetery at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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