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Henry Johnson, son of David Parr and Jane Duke Johnson, was born _____ August 1845 at Upper Canada (southern Ontario).

Mary Ann, daughter of Charles M. Lucas and Annie Mirinda Zimmerman, was born 1850 in Canada17.

They were married 23 May 1867 in Elgin County, Ontario18 and had four children: Robert Edward, John Thomas, Burly Johnson, and Harry Desmond. Burley and Harry were twins.

Henry died 19 October 1876 and was buried in Strathroy Municipal Cemetery at Strathroy, Ontario.

Minnie remarried to John Mulholland, moved to Michigan and they had six children there.

One story that has survived is from Roy Franklin Parr, son of Burley. Roy was nine years old at the time. Roy had to help out with his father's work by driving his dad's truck. One day he was to pick up Burley's mother. Minnie replied, "I'm not riding with that `snot of a kid' driving!" Sixty-three years later that sentence was still remembered.

Minnie died in Michigan.


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