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George Sylvester, son of David Parr and Jane Duke Johnson, was born 30 July 1850 in Middlesex County, Ontario.

George married Jane 29 March 1877 at North Dorchester Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.  Jane, daughter of John Weir and Rebecca Cunningham, was born 9 January 1856 at Dorchester Township, Middlesex.

It was no puzzle as to how George and Jane met; in the 1871 Census they were neighbours.  The 1876 Middlesex Historical County Atlas found them neighbours as well.  However it was a bit of a puzzle to determine how he was given the middle name of "Sylvester".

It was eventually solved by finding out that when George's father was a Methodist Church Trustee, the minister was Reverend Charles Sylvester.

A story has survived of a visit by George to his eldest child John Henry to Dryden, Ontario. It was related by Russell Parr, grandson of John Henry. Russell's father - Frank - for whatever reason didn't like or trust his grandfather George. When Frank was given candy by George, Frank shoved it down a gopher hole! If we can think back to prior to World War One, candy must have been a precious commodity - especially to a kid on a farm!

George and Jane had 6 children; John Henry, James Frederick, Ethel May, Albert Edgar, Roy Sylvester, and Arthur Howard. The family moved to the Port Elgin area after 1895.



George, his obituary says, was "conservative in politics and a Baptist in religion".  How much of a Baptist he was is unknown. He was converted from the Methodist faith by his wife Jane, as the census record prior to the marriage has him listed as "Methodist", the same as his parents, and Jane as Baptist, the same as her parents.

George died 16 December 1918 from pneumonia and was buried in Sanctuary Park at Port Elgin, Ontario.

Jane "was a faithful member of the Baptist church and a devoted worker in the Ladies Aid and Mission Circle".

After George's death, Jane lived for another 17 years, the latter ones with her son Albert and his wife Annie. Jane frequently helped out with the children's homework. She died from ________________ (cause) on 4 December 1935 and was buried in Sanctuary Park in Port Elgin, Ontario.

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