David PARR, son of Robert PARR and Hannah CHARITY was born 4 June 1821 at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, England.   (1901 census born 16th)  David was baptized 2 June 1822 at the St. John the Evangelist Church at Waterbeach.  David's parents brought David and his siblings to Ontario, Canada sometime during 1834.  They settled near Wardsville, Ontario by the 1842 census.

Jane Duke JOHNSON, daughter of Henry JOHNSON and Jane DUKE, was born in 1825 at York, England.

They married _______________ 1842 in _______________________ (church?) at ______________________ (location)

The Middlesex County Assessment Rolls for Mosa Township for 1844 found David on the north half of lot 16, concession 1. He possessed 10 cultivated acres, 90 uncultivated acres, 1 milch cow and 3 horned cattle. In 1848, David purchased the south half, lot 16, concession 1.

A. Reverend Charles Sylvester was the Methodist minister for an area of 6 townships, with Wardsville the site for his chapel. Rev. Sylvester figures into this family several ways. He witnessed Henry Johnson's will (Jane's father). He was the minister for the charge that David was a church trustee for. And David and Jane's third son George, has the middle name of Sylvester.

They had 11 children; Henry Johnson, Robert, George Sylvester, William Frederick, Anthony, Rachel, Adeline, Mary Elizabeth, Neuzieme, Jenny and John Wesley.




Neuzieme was found in the family papers, but with no birth date or death date.  No government record has been found for her, and this name has not been found in any other family lines.  There are several years between George and William for Neuzieme to be born, but was it her?  Or were other children  born in that time period that must have died before the 1861 Census?  At this point, nothing has been confirmed.

The Middlesex Gazetteer and Directory 1864-1866 found David and family living in Ekfrid Township, Middlesex County, Ontario Concession 5, Lot 7.

Eight land transactions were completed by David from 1875 to 1881. One transaction was for North half, lot 1 on concession 2 on 6 March 1879 for 100 acres. An additional 50 acres on 20 October 1879. In the 1901 census, David was living with his son Anthony at Dawn Township, Lambton County, near Edys Mills, Ontario. However, Jane was not listed there. Jane, curiously, was not found in that census.

David died from  on 28 April 1909 and was buried in the Shetland United Church Cemetery at Shetland, Ontario. Jane died from  on 27 January 1921 and was buried with her husband. The verse on the headstone is now weathered and unreadable. However, a early cemetery transcription recorded the following;

 "Them also sleep in Jesus will God bring with him."    1 Thes. 4 XIV

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