The above immigration document was truncated for clarity, announcing the arrival of Robert and family on the good ship Nancy on 12 June 1834.  Their oldest child Lucy is not listed in either column (under 'name' and 'died on the Voyage') which indicates that she did not leave England. 

Now that is a challenge to resolve that mystery!

So how is this for fancy speculation: a story about the coachmanís daughter and the Lordís son came down through 2 different lines of the family. At first this story seemed so fanciful and improbable that it was quickly dismissed.  In the very class conscious society of 19th century England, could it not be that the Lord banished the coachman and his family to the new world because of some ďimproprietyĒ between the children?

Could Lucy have still been alive and well in England? One wonders, as the family bible (published in 1886) has her full birth date - 67 years later - and 38 years after Robert apparently died. Either there was further contact between Lucy and the family, or a family member had a pretty good memory for dates (and Iíve found many cousins with pretty good memories)! 


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