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It all started with Robert and Hannah Parr.
They brought their young family to Ontario, Canada sometime between 1834 and 1842. Their (known) children were Lucy, David, George, Emma, Mariah, Harriett, and Frederick - all born in England - with their last child born in Upper Canada (Ontario) - Mary Ellen.

They settled in Mosa Township, Middlesex
County, Ontario by 1842. (Just north of Wardsville, about halfway between Chatham and London, Ontario).

The research being completed follows the lines of David (1821-1909) married Jane Duke Johnson, George (1824-1914) married Albina Edmunds, Emma (1826-1887) married Josiah Dewey and James Sterling Brink, Mariah (1829-1898) married Robert Tunks, Harriett (1832-1904) married Jerome Toles and son Frederick (1833-1900) married Jane Whiting and Mary Ellen (1836-1868) married Robert Beveridge.


What's New


The Dash

The first edition of Our Family Story has been sold out.  However there was a follow-up second edition,  do you want a copy?

This historical research has now topped 4,000 cousins and will keep growing with more attention to sources (see Temporary Unknowns for relatives yet to be found).  I have lots of cousins yet to find in the United States, especially in Oklahoma and California - both places I haven't been to yet.  The life history file (biographies) has long passed the 2,000 mark, each in varying degrees of completion, with a few on this web site.   I'm looking for the typical genealogical data of names, dates, and places, although to be truly interesting and worthy of anyone's time reading, it's really about the stories! 

It's the stories.  How did your grandparents meet?  How did you wind up living where you are living?  What career choices molded your life?  In preserving our life stories is to honour our individual lives, our experiences, and our relationships.

As this family history is what truly interests me, it is my desire to have your  story  (or your dash) and your family photo for you and our family.   It will then be truly a document worthy of honouring the pioneering spirit of Robert and Hannah Parr who came to the New World 183 years ago; little did they know of their over four thousand descendants they could claim!

I have met many wonderful people who just happen to be related to me!  There is a treasure trove of interesting stories out there, and finding each and every one has been fascinating ... would you like to start the process? 

I appreciate your interest with this family history project, and I look forward in learning how you are enjoying your dash!


I thank you for your interest in the family of Robert and Hannah Parr.

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